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5 Colorful Product Photography Backdrop Ideas to Make Products Pop

Who says that white is the only color for your product photography backdrops? Say goodbye to plain white backgrounds with these colorful alternatives.


Everyone prefers custom photography for their products, but often they'll end up making their pictures look like stock images.

If the picture examples you use are too bland or boring, you're right where you started-copying pictures off the Internet.

One way to avoid this is to use product photography backdrops, adding a little flavor to your product. Instead of a pure white background, you can showcase something more popping.

Read on to learn about five product photography tips that'll make your e-shop shine.


Neutral Colors


Say goodbye to white. Say hello to ivory, taupe, beige, and gray.

It's not uncommon that these colors simply work better with your product. Beige can be homey and warm, while ivory can be wholesome or trendy.

Whatever the use, neutral colors are a great alternative for almost any kind of product photography.




Maybe add in a fractal or a diamond pattern in the background. Turn the opacity up, and you've got a professional, sleek design for your product photography. And you didn't even have to take any new pictures.

A patterned product photography background can give your display a quirky flair. But beware, if you do it wrong, you may end up falling into the 'stock image' trap once again.


Brights and Blacks

Brilliant, single-colored backgrounds can be stunning if you pick right. Be wary of color psychology as you make your choice.

Or else, you can do two- or even three-toned backdrops. Two seems sufficient, as three might be overdoing it. But if you can pull it off in context, it can be much more effective than a pure white background.

On the other hand, you may shoot for a pure black backdrop. This can be extremely effective, producing a seriously bold look. 

Elegant and sophisticated, black backgrounds are perfect for cosmetics and luxury products. Be sure it fits the color scheme of its presentation.


Context Backgrounds


Maybe you want to take your photographs in a particular atmosphere. When done right, this can have a dramatic effect on product sales.

For example, you might make a wooden backdrop. This would give off warm, snug vibes. Smoky backdrops on a black display also make for a professional, severe look.


Bokeh Backgrounds


Bokeh is the practice of using focus to spice up photography. It can bring your product to the center stage while giving an aesthetic quality to the backdrop of your image.

An important aspect of this technique is making sure you've got the right context. The backdrop may be blurred, but it's still big. 

This is a good way to create balance between your product and the aesthetic of your website. As always, be sure it makes sense with your design.


Product Photography Backdrops 101


This is just a little taste of all the possible things you can do with your photographs. Coming up with product photography backdrops is a science-the science of happiness

Luckily, we're the experts in this field. Get in touch with us to see how we'll make your products pop.


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