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Beauty Product Photography: Tips to Get That Perfect Shot

Beauty Product Photography: Tips to Get That Perfect Shot



If you test and review beauty products for your blog, you're going to want to read up on product photography and how to get the perfect shot. We can help! Here are some of our best product photography tips and tricks to get you started!


Photography is about much more than pointing a camera and clicking the shutter. There is a lot of thought that goes into getting the perfect angle, using the right lighting, and adding the best filters.

This goes for everything from portrait photos to event photography to product photography. While you may not need the best photos for your personal Instagram use, you do need professional photography for the things you write about on your blog.

If you review beauty products, you need the best product photography for the images you plan to use. To produce these images yourself, follow the tips below.



1. Shoot with a White Background


Always shoot your products with a white background. This makes it easy for users to see what you're presenting. Not to mention, it makes the packaging of each beauty product stand out.

When you take images on a white background, you're placing the product front and center. There's nothing else in the picture that can distract people from the main subject. This helps them understand what you have to say about a certain product, and it can make it easier for users to memorize the product images, too.


2. Get an Image for Every Single Product


What if there are various sizes of perfume bottles or multiple versions of a new lipstick that you plan to write about? Make sure you get an image for every single product and all the variations of it that you plan to mention.

This provides users with all the information they need. It leaves no room for guessing games or doubt, which is incredibly beneficial to you. A few extra product shots boost your trustworthiness and credibility; they show users you know how much every little detail matters to them.


3. Be Patient During Post Production


As you're learning how to shoot product photography, remember there's more that goes into getting the right shot than the photo shoot alone. There's an entire editing process that happens after that.

When you're going from the shoot to the editing software, be sure not to delete any images. This is crucial to your creative process. The last thing you want to do is get the perfect shot only to delete it before you can touch it up.

Remember, all the images will look much better on your computer. Once you add a few fixes here and there, they go from a standard photo to something outstanding. Give each image the shot it deserves to be the best visual representation of a product it can be.

This will take you a little more time while editing, but it produces the best results in the long run. Keep in mind that's the whole point of professional product photography.


Get the Best Product Photography Possible


If you're not sure your product photography skills are up to par, don't worry. The tips above will help you improve, and in the meantime, there are plenty of experienced product photographers ready to help you out.

To contact one directly, click here.


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