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How Can a Professional Photo Help You Better Sell Your Product?

How Can a Professional Photo Help You Better Sell Your Product?


Using a professional photo vs. an amateur one can really do a lot for your business. Learn how you can increase your sales by hiring a professional.


Lights, camera, action! A professional photo offers more than meets the eye.

Photographers must consider lighting, angle, and effects. Long and hard work make up a "perfect" product photo.

This begs the question: why so much focus on crisp visuals?

As a business looking to increase sales, product photography is a definite must.

We're here to let you in on how these photos work to entice customers to buy your product! Our experienced photographers want to give you the inside scoop on product photography.

Read on to learn how a professional photo can help improve your sales!


Presents Your Product in a Better Light


Whenever you post an image of your product with your logo, it's representing your brand.

Consistent product photography helps construct an online persona of your brand. This online persona becomes familiar and comfortable for your customers, making your company more recognizable.

This is where image quality comes into play.


Standing out


Professional photography is all about high-quality, high-resolution images.

You're looking for product photography that's so crisp it'll bounce off the screen. High-quality photos help your brand stand out among competitors. Images also serve to make a statement about your brand.

Customers that remember your brand over others are more likely to buy from your company.

Well-lit, re-touched photos exhibit professionalism, dedication to quality, and seriousness.


A Professional Photo Builds Credibility


First impressions matter!

It's important to take advantage of this clean slate and leave a lasting impression. Your customers will see your brand through pictures of products you post.

Pictures that are grainy, pixelated, and difficult to look at won't leave a good taste in your customer's mouth.

Poor photography strains your customer's patience. It doesn't convince the customer that your company is high-quality or that you care.




Consider the different internet platforms like social media.

Beyond first impressions, your customers will be sharing pictures of products.

To better your chances of likes, shares, and re-tweets, you'll want to go the extra mile for high quality.

You may be thinking, "Why should I bother investing in professional images?"

Professional product photography focuses on capturing the "message" and the meaning behind a product.

Professional photos work to capture a product, but also consider other factors. 
Photographers will consider details like location, demographics, audience, use, and many other details.

These details make product photography memorable and more likely to produce sale increases.

In fact, people were more likely to remember details by 65%  compared to 10% when information is in writing.

Pictures of products serve to translate a message on to customers. It's vital to choose the right photographer that can work with you in choosing the perfect match.


Need a Professional Photo?


Pixel Pix specializes in featuring products in their best light.

Our professional photographers are ready to help give your brand a boost!

Let us help you increase your sells with our expertise in professional photography. We continuously strive to give our customers the highest quality images. Visit our website to learn more about our process!



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