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How to Get Ready for Your First Professional Product Photography Shoot

Ready to start taking your e-commerce business to new heights with a professional product photography shoot? Here's how to get your products ready.


Your product may be the best one on the market. It could also be something that is a little less common or hard to find. Either way, in order to make money, you need it to sell! 


E-commerce is incredibly popular, and there is almost no need for someone to leave their house to purchase needed items. How do people decide on your product versus many others? They may look at reviews and ask their friends, but before any of that happens, they will check out the pictures. 

This makes professional product photography an absolute must. In order to see the most benefits from hiring a photographer, you must prepare your products. We're going to take a quick look at how to get your salable goods ready for the camera. 

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Clothing and Apparel 


When you're selling clothes, you want your consumer to picture themselves wearing your items. This means that all tags and stickers need to be removed, as no one wears clothes with either of these. 

Furthermore, use a lint roller to get rid of specs that can show up on high-definition cameras, as well as a steamer to remove wrinkles will help present the clothing in the best light. 

Speaking of light, your photographer may have the flashes needed, but oftentimes, it is a great idea to use natural sunlight. 

Think of how you want your clothes modeled. Do you want to use a mannequin and clothespin any loose material? Or would you prefer to use a live model? If you'd like to use a model, try to meet with them a few days before the shoot to fit them in proper sizes and flattering pieces. 




The best way to prepare furniture for a professional product photoshoot is to clean and polish it. Inspect the piece that you are using in the shoot for any irregularities in order to minimize them and to prepare you for the final outcome. 

Neutral backgrounds with natural light work best, and generally, props aren't needed. 


Smaller Items


Jewelry and shoes are hot products to order online with plenty of detail work that should be featured. Ensure either or both of these products are free of damage and in perfect condition. A touch of polish doesn't hurt, either. 

Because jewelry requires such high-resolution photography and magnifies the piece several times, it WILL show any imperfections. If you are shipping your jewelry to be photographed, be on the safe side and send a spare. 


Other Tips for Professional Product Photography


Whether you are choosing to photograph your items yourself with a professional camera, hire a local photographer, or send your product to specialists, the advice is basically the same: 

Clean the item and make sure it is in pristine condition. Additionally, consider color psychology, if applicable, to ensure your e-commerce items are as attractive as possible. 

If you're opting for a DIY job, remember that great lighting and neutral or white backgrounds will make it look like you chose professional product photography.

For more tips on a great product photo, check out our blog!

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