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Product Presentation: Why Does Your Product's Background Matter

Product Presentation: Why Does Your Product's Background Matter?


When it comes to product presentation, the background you choose can say a lot about the professionalism of your site. Here's why you need the right background.


Did you know it only takes a fraction of a second for someone to form a solid impression of something or someone?

This means it only takes a blink of an eye for someone to decide whether or not your product presentation grabs their attention or turns them away. One major factor that determines the quality of your product images is the background.

Not sure how or why your product's background matters? Here are five reasons why you need the perfect background:


1. Make Your Product Visible


The main purpose of commercial photography and product pictures is to showcase what you offer to all potential consumers. You want it to become the focal point of your banners, YouTube ads, and print ads.

You won't succeed in this endeavor if the product gets lost in the background. Shadows might overlap with the product's darker shades. Bright colors on the product could blend in with pure white backgrounds.

With the right background, you can guarantee the product stays in the spotlight. People will notice it and won't have to squint to check out its important features.


2. Showcase Size and Colors


Changing the background on product photos can drastically alter people's perception regarding the product's size or color.

All it takes, for example, to make a white gold ring with a pretty diamond to look extravagant and shiny is to put it against an all-black background. This ensures the whiteness of the ring doesn't blend in with a white background.

You can make a cheeseburger look big and juicy not only by positioning the camera slightly below it but also by using a uniform grey background.


3. To Avoid Monotony


The best product images are never boring to look at.

Look at any effective or popular product photo and you'll notice how it always imbues a sense of desire, no matter how many times you see it. The same image of a delicious steak will always be mouth-watering even if you pass by it every day.

One good reason behind this, in a literal sense, is the photo's background. A good background adds dynamic lighting, highlights colors, and enables a product's best features to stand out.


4. Empowering


Great photo backgrounds can empower even the simplest of products.

Want a small pair of earrings to look extra shiny? Use a white background. If you want to make something like a watch appear more masculine then a shadow-filled grey background can do the trick.

You can also empower themes with the background of choice.

Using purple embodies a sense of royalty. Yellow has a cheerful tone to it, which is why companies like McDonald's use it front and center. Understanding the psychology of colors can help boost a message in your product photos in a subtle manner.


5. Maintaining a Professional Image


You never want to look like an amateur in the business world. Customers won't trust a budding company as much as they do a business that showcases professionalism and experience.

Using good backgrounds is one great way to appear professional. Boosting the image quality this way helps assure customers you know what you're doing. It shows you invest to make things look good.


Achieve the Best Product Presentation Today!


Don't settle for any generic background. Aim for the best product presentation possible. Choose the right background that makes your product click with customers.

Achieving this and taking great pictures is no easy task, even with the best background. Don't fret; we're here to help!

Feel free to contact us today for any product photography needs. We can guarantee you the best images that not only look professional but guarantee to help sell your products.



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