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Stock Vs. Custom Photography: Which is Better For Selling Products?

Stock Vs. Custom Photography: Which is Better For Selling Products?


When it comes to stock photos and custom photography there can be a lot of debate as to which is better for your online store. Here's what we have to say.


People process visuals 60,000 times faster than they do written text. Therein lies one of the many benefits of utilizing strong imagery in association with your brand and its products.

Images allow consumers to more understand what makes your product unique, what its value is, and ultimately, decide whether to buy.

It's impossible to understate the power of high-quality photography, especially when it comes to creating effective marketing elements and product pages.

That truth has brought us to write this article. There's a debate within the eCommerce community over which type of photography is better for products, custom photography or stock photography.

While our team and many successful businesses maintain that customized photography is the way to go, this article will explore both sides of the argument.


Customized Photography


Customized photography is photography taken by a professional. It's crafted at your direction to create a unique piece of imagery for whatever your business needs may be. Below are a few of the advantages you'll get when you opt for customized photos over stock for your products.


More Connection to Your Brand


One of the most integral components of any commercial photo is that it must connect consumers back to your brand. With customized photography; colors, shapes, and more all work together to communicate what makes your products special and why consumers should buy from you.


Photos Grab and Hold Attention


Stock photography is derivative and overused. That has created conditions where users look at stock photos and see right through them.

With custom photography, a user will have never seen the image you're presenting them with. That uniqueness coupled with the artistic flair your photographer brings to the mix will hold people's attention long enough to give them the opportunity to hear what you products are saying.


Customized Photography Creates Anchors


Marketing makes us feel things. Good marketing does anyway.

With customized photos, you can create powerful anchors through imagery. This will cement your products in the consciousness of prospective customers. That ability is a powerful thing.


Stock Photography


Stock photography, unlike custom photography, is generic photos. Any number of companies can license these for their marketing materials. The key advantage to stock photography is cost and speed.

There's no doubt that businesses who are on tight budgets appreciate benefits like speed and cost when they need photos fast. Still, is it worth it to get something cheap and quick if you're not going to get the results you're looking for with it?


Wrapping Up Custom Photography vs Stock Photography Which Sells Products Better?


We created this article to compare and contrast custom and stock photography when it comes to selling your products. We believe, based on our points, that customized photography is the way to go.

So, if you need professional product photography done quickly and easily, let our team at Pixel Pix help.

So, if you need professional product photography done quick and easy, let our team at Pixel Pix help.

Learn more about our processes today and contact us now to try our world-class services for free!


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