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The Surprising Things Your Product Images Tell Your Customers

Your product images tell your customers a lot about what you're selling, but they also tell them a lot more. Here's what your images say about your business.


A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

When it comes to a company product photo, it most certainly is.

For one thing, your product images tell your customers a great deal about what you sell. They even let your customers know what you don't sell. This is important, of course, as consumers should be able to see what they like before they buy. 

But what else is your commercial product photography saying?


The Quality of Your Products


The quality of your product images says a lot about the quality of your products and services... at least in the eyes of consumers. High-quality photographs equate to higher quality products and services.

It's no different than when you're presented with an ugly, unappetizing plate of food. If the food doesn't look good or even has a funny scent, you're probably not going to eat it. You are, however, more likely to enjoy a plate that looks like a lot of thought went into it.

Customers not only want to buy from companies they think they can trust. They want to interact with companies that care about the quality of their business.


Your Edge over the Competition


Of course, your e-commerce photos function to represent and sell your products. But they can also improve the appearance of your online image overall. 

They can even be the thing that separates you from everyone else. Your competition may have low-quality product photos all over their website and store.

There are lots of different ways to stand out from the competition. Coming up with new products and responding to customer feedback are some examples. But if you have high-quality photos, as well, your customers will recognize this.

At the same time, if you aren't willing to go the extra mile, your customers will also recognize this. And they'll shop with the companies that are willing to put in the extra time and money.


Who You Are


There are 5 elements to good commercial product photography. There should be complementary lighting, a clean background, and strong composition, for example. But there's one more important element to a good product photo, and that's how it represents your brand.

What are some words you would use to describe your brand? Maybe you would describe your products as modern and sleek, or cute and feminine. Perhaps your audience is more specific and you target a particular consumer demographic.

You can easily reflect these things in the composition of your product images. The modern brand, for example, could use minimalist style photographs. Or, the cutesy, feminine brand could use rosy lighting and lots of pink and white in the background.

The bottom line? Your product photos say a lot about your brand. And there's a lot more opportunity they have in store for your company.


How Influential You Are


If you cater to a specific population of people, what kinds of photographs would they prefer to see? Better yet - what types of photographs would they be willing to share online?

When customers share your product photos, you'll not only rake in more sales. You'll also expand your brand awareness and reach potential customers near and far.

It's important to keep tabs on what types of photo content your followers and customers like. The better you know your customers, the better experiences you can provide them with.


Take Your Product Images to the Next Level


So often companies underestimate the power of their product photos. If you own a business, your images certainly say a lot about what you sell. But they also say a whole lot more about who you are and how well you perform as a business.

If you're looking to take your product images to the next level, contact us today! 


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