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Keep It Natural: Get the Best Natural Lighting for Product Photography

Choosing the best lighting for product photography can be tough, but natural light is often best. Create the best natural light setup with these simple tips.   You might think that Photoshop can rescue any photos that aren't quite perfect from a shoot. But you'd be wrong. If you get the lighting wrong, there's no way to bring back a bad photo. Choosing natural light photography is a great way to maximize your product shots. Global e-commerce sales reached $2.304 trillion in 2017. Getting the right product shots is your ticket to succeeding in e-commerce.   Keen to get the best lighting for product...

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Struggling with Etsy? Make the Most of Your Ecommerce Product Photography with These Tips

5 Tips for Growing Your Etsy Store with Ecommerce Product Photography   You've made the product, but how can you get them to sell on your Etsy store? Here are few helpful hints for improving your Etsy ecommerce product photography.   Welcome to the modern Digital Age, in which technology and the Internet reign supreme. It seems as though everyone is connected to a digital device these days. It's time that you make the most of all this digital connectivity has to offer.  So, you have awesome products that you're looking to sell. You know that Etsy and other social media...

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How to Get Ready for Your First Professional Product Photography Shoot

Ready to start taking your e-commerce business to new heights with a professional product photography shoot? Here's how to get your products ready.   Your product may be the best one on the market. It could also be something that is a little less common or hard to find. Either way, in order to make money, you need it to sell!    E-commerce is incredibly popular, and there is almost no need for someone to leave their house to purchase needed items. How do people decide on your product versus many others? They may look at reviews and ask their friends,...

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Beginner's Guide to a Product Photography Setup

Beginner's Guide to a Product Photography Setup   Ever wondered how the pros make your products looks so good? Here we discuss the basics to creating a professional product photography setup.     The photographs of your products will be the major selling point for your website. No matter what nice things you've written about them, no one is going to make a purchase without a clear photo. Even if your business is on a tight budget, you'll need a way to create stunning shots. You may think this is impossible, but with a little bit of know-how, anyone can...

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The 5 Elements of a Great Product Photo

The 5 Elements of a Great Product Photo   What makes a product photo great? Here's what elements you need in order to create a beautiful product photo for your website.   If you're wondering why a product isn't selling the way it should, it could be because of the featured photographs. Selling products online doesn't have to be difficult but must include a great product photo. Your customers cannot touch, feel, or otherwise experience your product and must trust that the photos are accurate. High-quality photographs will convey this message better than any description will. We have 5 essential...

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