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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.

    How Do I Calculate Pricing?


    Single Pricing

    Our base price is per photo. For example, a product that needs a front, side, and back shot would be considered three separate photos. Pricing is per photo and not the number of products in the shot. Group shots are an upgrade.

    Group Pricing

    Group shots are considered when one has more than two items in a photo. For example, you need three separate group photos of bottles:

    Group #1 has 3 bottles = 3 to 5 item group

    Group #2 has 5 bottles = 3 to 5 item group

    Group #3 has 6 bottles = 6 to 10 item group

    We categorize groups based on the number of items in the photo. In the above example, Group 1 and 2 both fall into the 3-5 item Group Category. When placing your order, you will add the quantity of (2) 2-5 Item Group Photos to the cart. Click start your order and next add the quantity of (1) 6-10 Item Group Photo to the cart separately.

    Volume discounts will be applied automatically.

  • Q.

    How Do I Order?


    There are three separate ordering sections depending on your product type:

    1 )  PRODUCTS  Includes all product types except jewelry and invisible mannequin

    2 )  JEWELRY


    Everything can be mixed and matched for the same order. Just add to the cart separately.

    If you need five shots with the same specs, you don’t have to enter it five times to the cart. Simply update the quantity on the bottom from 1 to 5.

  • Q.

    What Is Your Turnaround Times?


    Our Turnaround time is based on the business day calendar year.

    For 1-25 photos, our turnaround time is 3 business days from when we receive your shipment. (The fastest in the biz without charging a rush fee!)

    For 26-50 photos, it’s 5 business days.

    For 51-75 photos, it’s 7 business days.

    For a 1-day rush, additional fees apply.

  • Q.

    What Is Your Shipping Policy?


    Once an order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email which will contain our shipping address. Pack your products carefully and ship them to us. Once we receive your shipment, you’ll be notified by email.

    You have several options for return shipping of your products:

    You can include a prepaid shipping label in the box You can provide us with your FedEx or UPS Account number Or we can keep your products which in turn we will donate

    You have the option of choosing three box sizes for return shipping: small, medium, and large.

    In most cases, we will use your original box for return shipping. Our shipping options will be available at checkout.

    Remember to pick your best looking products and pack carefully! 

  • Q.

    What About Reshoots?


    Photography reshoots happen occasionally. But no worries. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our services, so we’ve devised a simple and stress-free plan.

    If you provide detailed description on how you would like a product photographed and we don’t follow it per your direction, then we’ll redo it for free. To ensure that we get it right, you may provide:

    Cell phone images


    Screenshots & URL's

    Please see #3 of The Pixel Pix Process for further instructions.

    If all else fails we will issue a full 100% refund no questions asked. However, you can't use the photos if we issue a refund.

  • Q.

    What's The Deal With The Free Shot?


    Pixel Pix offers this so you can see how amazing our product photography is without making a full commitment. Simply click on the Free Photo link anywhere on our site. After you fill out the information on the pop up, you’ll receive a code. Go ahead and place your order and be sure to enter the code at checkout for a no charge free photo. Offer is for only one per new customer.

    Just two things to keep in mind:

    This free offer excludes jewelry and apparel. You must arrange for return shipping. 

  • Q.

    What Payments Do You Accept?


    We accept all major credit cards through our secure check out process.

    Checks are also accepted. Just contact us first.

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