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The Pixel Pix Process

Product Photography In A Snap

Six Steps to Satisfaction - Guaranteed

Getting your product photography done at Pixel Pix has never been simpler. Our no-hassle six step process is outrageously easy and effective.

From pursuing our portfolio to downloading your finished product shots on a white background, our process is free of headaches, hiccups and provide quick stunning results.

Say goodbye to long turnaround times and even longer wait times for booking shoots.

One word of caution: You'll never hire an onsite photographer again. If you can handle that, read on.

  • 1

    You View Our Killer Portfolio

    See Our Portfolio

    At Pixel Pix, we have photographed just about every type of product imaginable. As you view our portfolio, pay close attention to how we handle different surfaces, colors, and textures. Each of these design elements requires different staging, shooting techniques, lighting setups, and thoughtful retouching.

    Studio lighting is also key. Lighting Japanese Akoya pearls is far different than shooting Christian Dior kitten heels, a MAC Cosmetics eyebrow pencil, or a Brooks Brothers’ pocket square. Each product is different and our team is expertly trained to light and shoot each one, and to capture and highlight their unique qualities.

    We know exactly what your product needs to be irresistible.

  • 2

    Place Your Order Online

    Place an Order Now!

    Use our easy automated ordering and checkout system to place your product photography order online. Pixel Pix has three options depending on your product type:

    Product Photography: This includes every product under the sun including flat apparel.

    Jewelry Photography: Includes all types of jewelry.

    Invisible Mannequin: A popular way to showcase apparel without the need of a live model.

    Unlike the competition, there are no long forms to fill out or waiting for estimates. Our checkout process is in real-time allowing for immediate response and ordering.

    When placing your order, you can mix and match product types, single and group shots.

    Just remember to add each to the cart separately, add your quantities on the bottom and check out all at once. Discounts and coupon codes will be also be applied at checkout.

    Pro Tip: Create a shot list so you’ll know exactly how many photos you need to order.

  • 3

    Email us an Example to Match

    Once you have placed your order online with Pixel Pix, you will receive a confirmation email. Simply reply to the email with your match examples.

    You have there options:

    1. Set up your product on a flat surface and take a cell phone photo of how you'd like us to capture it. We will match the camera angle and height of your product or group arrangement. Don't worry about the lighting or background. This is more about how you want your buyers to see the product.

    2. Use an image you find online. Either reply to the confirmation email with the web address (url) or take a screenshot of it. We will match the look and feel.

    3. Don't have any ideas? No worries. We will use an angle that's industry-appropriate .

  • 4

    Ship Your Products Directly To Us

    After you have placed your order, you will get an email confirmation with our shipping address.

    Now all you need to do is choose your best looking products, pack them carefully, and ship them to our studio.

    Once we have received your package, we’ll send you a confirmation email that everything arrived safely.

    Packing Tip: If you have more than one of the same product type, pick out the best one. Look out for scratches, crooked labels, and other imperfections. We provide basic retouching, but there may be an additional charge on a seriously damaged product.

  • 5

    We Shoot Your Awesome Products

    This is where the magic happens. (And it’s obviously our favorite part.)

    Armed with our high-end cameras, strobes, and creative eye, our talented crew stages the perfect shot for your product, customizes and adjusts the lighting to fit your objectives, and begins capturing what’s in front of us. 

    After the photo session, your photos are post-processed, where basic retouching is applied. Some of this may include removing minor imperfections such as scratches, smudges, and dust. Color correction is also addressed as well as perspective control.

    What to Expect: Turnaround Times

    At Pixel Pix, we have the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Our standard turnaround time for 25 photos or less is only three business days. Others charge a rush fee of $20 per shot for such an expedited service. Not us, we’re just that good.

  • 6

    Approve and Download Your Product Shots

    Once the photoshoot is wrapped up, you’ll be sent a link to your online gallery. 

    Here is where you can download the image files as full high resolution tiff files ( for printing ) and low resolution jpegs ( for the web )


    We want to be as fair as possible so we’ve devised a stress-free reshoot policy: 

    If you tell us how to photograph your products and we don’t follow your direction, then we’ll reshoot it for free.

    If you happen to change your mind or want something different that wasn’t indicated in your original directions, then that will be a paid reshoot.

Included For Free

  • 1 Free Product Shot. Check Us Out Risk Free
  • Basic Custom Retouching Included
  • High Res Images At Least 3000px @ 300dpi
  • Royalty Free Worldwide Usage
  • Choice Of 3 Reflection / Shadow Types
  • Super Fast 3 Business Day Turnaround Time
  • Free Reshoots When You Provide Shot Direction


  • Pure White Background
  • Meets Amazon Product Image Requirements
  • Provide Us With Shot Direction: We Will Match It
  • Instant Online Image Gallery To Download & Share
  • We Accept Projects From 1 Product Shot To 1,000's
  • Custom Lighting. We Never Use Light Tents Or Boxes
  • Great Pricing With Volume Discounts

Try It Before You Buy It

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