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5 Signs You Need Help With Your Product Photography

5 Signs You Need Help With Your Product Photography


Are your product photos not turning out as great as you want them to be? Here are some signs you might need help with your product photography.


Every business is constantly searching for ways to effectively sell products. From developing a solid online presence to taking customer-centric approaches, businesses have tried everything.

They've even tried to beautify their products by investing in professional product photos. And this beautification works. Because customers love products that look amazing.

As a result, you've been taking your product photography game to the next level lately. You're looking to get customers to fall all over your products, and this is the perfect way to do it.

But are you sure you're doing it right?

Here are five signs that you need some help with your product photography.


1. Your Photos Aren't Telling a Story


As far as any professional photographer is concerned, a shoe isn't just a shoe. When you capture an image of a piece of footwear, that image should somehow tell a story.

So if you take a picture of your product and feel nothing? There's a good chance that the photo doesn't sell a narrative. It simply sells a product.

And customers don't fall in love with products. They fall in love with stories.


2. Your Competitors Are Outclassing You


Take a look at your competitors' product photos. Now take a look at your own product photos.

Do your competitors appear to be outclassing you? If so, you might want to consider getting some help with your professional product photography. You risk falling even further behind your competitors if you don't.


3. You're Spending Way Too Much Time on Photography


You've probably read every DIY product photography guide out there in hopes of improving the quality of your photos. Despite all of your research, you're still spending hours on product photography.

Yes, it's normal to spend a lot of time on product photography. Even so, you're not a product photographer. Your job is something else entirely, which means that you have other responsibilities.

Wouldn't you rather, then, spend your time doing something you're good at while leaving the product photography to the pros? Your business' productivity would likely increase tenfold as a result.


4. Your Photos Don't Set Your Brand Apart


Brand marketing is all about personality and purpose. For this reason, your brand's photos must also resonate with that personality and purpose.

Of course, this idea is easier to understand when you have working examples. So here's a quick example of what we mean:

  • A diamond bracelet from retailer Brilliant Earth promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness
  • But a diamond bracelet from retailer James Allen promotes youth and trendiness

Both retailers sell luxury diamonds, but their product photos often tell different stories. Those unique stories allow the companies to build specific brands for themselves.

If your photos aren't having this effect for you, it's time to get some help.


5. No One's Buying What You're Selling


It's time for a dose of reality:

If no one's buying your products, your product photography probably isn't as amazing as it could be. Assuming, of course, that your product is appealing.

Numbers just don't lie. Good product photography has a positive effect on sales. As a result, you pretty much know when your product photos are lackluster.


Step Up Your Product Photography Game


How many of these five signs are you currently seeing right now? If you're seeing even a single sign of poor product photography, seek help immediately. Doing so will save you a headache in the long run.

Anyone who would like to skip out on that headache now can contact us for more information on improving your product photos. We'd be more than happy to help.


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