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The 5 Elements of a Great Product Photo

The 5 Elements of a Great Product Photo


What makes a product photo great? Here's what elements you need in order to create a beautiful product photo for your website.


If you're wondering why a product isn't selling the way it should, it could be because of the featured photographs. Selling products online doesn't have to be difficult but must include a great product photo.

Your customers cannot touch, feel, or otherwise experience your product and must trust that the photos are accurate. High-quality photographs will convey this message better than any description will.

We have 5 essential tips to help you take great product photos! Keep reading for more information!


The Product


The product that is featured in your photo should be unopened and unused. For some people, this might be common sense, but others may be worried about losing profit.

If the concern is over losing profit because the product has been opened, you can sell it at a discounted rate or use it later as a demo. If neither of these two ideas is optional, just remember cutting the wrong corners in the spirit of saving money will cut profits severely.


Proper Lighting


Repeat this mantra: the flash is not your friend!

Flashes on cameras lead to uneven lighting which makes for an unappealing photo. Ideally, you should photograph the product outside or near a window.

Consider using something reflective to bounce light into the shadows. An easy way to do this is by using aluminum foil over cardboard.

Whether you decide to use natural or artificial light, pick one and stick to it. Combining the two types of lighting will skew the colors.


Rule of Thirds


The rule of thirds is about the composition of the photo, or the way elements are structured. Following this idea will help the photograph feel easy to look at and balanced.

You can follow this rule by mentally dividing the photo with two horizontal and two vertical lines, giving you a total of nine smaller sections.

It is thought that the intersects of these lines are the areas of the photo that the eye is drawn to.


Clean Background


It is important that the background you choose is simple and does not detract from the product. This means typically using light-colored or white backgrounds.

However, if there is a background that fits with the subject of the photo and does not distract the audience, it is feasible to use it.


Camera Settings


Your smartphone or basic digital camera will have all of the settings needed for a proper product photo. There isn't much need to invest in an expensive camera, lenses, or editing programs.


Product Photo: Worth a Thousand Words


This saying is especially true and relevant for online shoppers. If a potential customer feels like you can't be bothered to post a great photograph, they may feel like the product isn't up to par, either.

The best news is that you don't need to be a professional to achieve great results. If you are having trouble getting the shot you need, you don't have to opt for an expensive photographer!

Instead, consider sending us the merchandise and letting us create your new product photo!

For more information on product photography, tips, and tricks, check out our blog!


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